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We usually spend as little time discussing R. Kelly around these parts due to his well-documented habit of inappropriate relations with under-aged girls. However, the fact that the crooner is a 47-year-old man that still dresses like an unapologetic hypebeast must be documented.

R. Kelly occasionally posts his outfits on Twitter or Instagram for the world to see. The problem is that said gear is usually struggle worthy and features fashions that may have been in vogue a few seasons back. But the real problem is that this dude is a 47-year-old man whose style cues are more BAPE than say GQ or Esquire. You can’t blame your stylist for these atrocities because ultimately the artist does the option of saying, “No.”

Think we’re being too harsh? Peep the gear this guy has been seen rocking on the ‘Gram and on the red carpet and tell us he doesn’t need a makeover in the comments.

Photos: Instagram/WENN

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