Brown is an easy target because he bring it on himself, and he’s locked up at the moment, but the entire episode was still about four years behind schedule. Also, there’s really nothing funny about Rihanna getting pummeled by her then boyfriend back in 2009. Making a joke out of a woman getting beaten to a pulp elicits a kind of tense laughter that is as unnecessary as it is uncalled for, and it can only be punchline for so long (no pun intended).

Breezy’s character was portrayed by fictional singer  “Pretty Boy Flizzy.” On the plus side, the name “Pretty Boy Flizzy” sounds about as dumb as the entire episode ended up being, so the writers can count a small victory on the sliding scale of mediocrity.

But back to Flizzy. He wasn’t very interesting (or funny), just an R&B stereotype who tricks off dough, rolls with a tiger and an entourage of coons — and let’s not forget that he beats women, that was basically drilled into our heads.

We got it.


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