After being pushed back a few times, the show was declared dead by one of the voice actors who was going to be working on the show.


The reboot was set to premier in September of 2020 but as we all know, the Trump Virus steamrolled the world and here we are.


The Boondocks will be returning to the HBO Max streaming service late next year, which feels like a lifetime away. However, Twitter has joined together in loud celebration that Aaron McGruder’s visually and socially stirring series is making a welcome return.


The collective priors of the woke contingent of the Black Twitterverse have been answered—The Boondocks is back, back. Today (September 18), HBO announced the return of the beloved series with a 2-season order of episodes that kicks off with a 50-minute special in Fall 2020.


One of the most beloved adult animated series is slated for a big comeback. Huey and Riley will be back in 2020.


Even though the Internets remain undefeated The Boondocks brought a different type of cultural analysis through satire. Thankfully it is back—wellm sort of.

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The long-awaited fourth season of The Boondocks isn’t as interesting as we would’ve hoped. And if we’re being totally honest here, this is the worst way for the show to go out.


After a lengthy hiatus, The Boondocks returned to Adult Swim on Monday night (April 21) to record breaking ratings. It was the most watched show on television that night. 

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It’s not everyday that a TV show gets blessed with its own Hip-Hop mixtape. HBO’s Game of Thrones received the treatment a little over a month ago. The last time prior to that is anybody’s guess.

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In anticipation of the final season of The Boondocks, fans receive original music on a new mixtape hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon. Released by Adult Swim, The Boondocks: Season 4 isn’t something Hip-Hop fans want to miss. 

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In advance of The Boondocks returning to television sets nationwide on April 21, Adult Swim unveils the first track from an accompanying mixtape releasing next week. Titled “The Boonies,” the cut features veteran MC Killer Mike and production by The Alchemist.

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All the excitement for the belated return of The Boondocks for a fourth season was tempered when it was revealed that creator Aaron McGruder would not be involved. However, this new official trailer shows that all hope is not lost for the beloved cartoon series.