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Los Angeles Launch Party For The TV Series "The Boondocks"

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Sorry kiddos, but it looks like the highly-anticipated The Boondocks reboot that we were all looking forward to will not be happening after all.

According to The Wrap it’s a wrap for the planned HBO Max revival of Aaron McGruder’s beloved comic book strip turned animated series. It was announced back in 2019 that The Boondocks would be making a comeback on HBO Max on a two season deal with 2020 being the target year for the official return. After being pushed back a few times, the show was declared dead by one of the voice actors who was going to be working on the show.

The Boondocks voice actor Cedric Yarbrough said earlier this week that the show was “not coming back” during an appearance on the Geekset Podcast. “We’ve been wanting to do the show and Sony…they decided they’re going to pull the plug,” he told the podcast host Rudy Strong. “Hopefully one day we’ll be able to revisit it.”

Well, that sucks.

The Boondocks animated series debuted on Adult Swim back in 2005 and enjoyed much fanfare for almost a decade before going off the air in 2014. Naturally, the culture was excited to learn that it would be coming back on HBO Max were the profanities would fly uncensored but alas, it’s not meant to be. With all the social-political events going on in the world today it would’ve been interesting (and we’re sure hilarious) to see how things would’ve played out in the world that Riley and Huey Freeman run.

Hopefully it’ll eventually happen but for now it’s dead in the water.