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It’s not everyday that a TV show gets blessed with its own Hip-Hop mixtape. HBO’s Game of Thrones received the treatment a little over a month ago. The last time prior to that is anybody’s guess.

Adult Swim threw rap fans worldwide a massive bone with their official mixtape for The Boondocks Season 4, today, April 16. Featuring the likes of Killer Mike, Alchemist, Lil Herb, Troy Ave, Roscoe Dash and more, there was definitely something for every and anybody.

Seeing that these type of affairs are scarce, the Twitterverse immediately had a range of emotions involving its release. Some loved it, some wished more of their prefered artists were on there and some were just happy to be here.

Peep 10 of the most charged reactions we found floating around the web today. And don’t forget to check out the trailer to the upcoming season here.

Photo: Adult Swim, Twitter

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