After several years of speculation, Troy Ave has finally spoken about the murder of his friend. The rapper testified at Taxstone’s trial.


Yeah, this isn't a good look for Casanova if everything proves accurate.

Troy Ave isn't letting his "beef" with rival Casanova simmer down.

The last two years Troy Ave has kept a very low profile and for good reason. He is now discussing that ill fated night from 2016.


While no one is showing up to give any moral support to Tekashi 6ix9ine as he tattle-tells on his former Trey Way associates, one of the two men on trial for racketeering and allegedly kidnapping and robbing the rainbow haired rapper got some support from another Brooklyn rapper, Troy Ave.

Popular Internet personality Taxstone will be heading to trial this fall for the murder of Troy Ave‘s bodyguard after a shooting incident took place at New York’s Irving Plaza in 2016. Taxstone, born Daryl Campbell, is facing life for the murder of Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Troy Ave is trying to get his career back on track but he’s claiming the NYPD is blocking him from getting a bag after forcing him to shut down show plans. Harry Powder says the cops stopped him from rocking a set at the Highline Ballroom over the weekend, but it seems like he’s plotting […]

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The fallout from Troy Ave’s suspect line from “2 Legit 2 Quit” continues and this time it was 50 himself who threw in his two cents on the matter while riding with Troy’s current rival, Casanova 2x. The man who was quick to visit Troy Ave after getting laid up in the hospital due to […]


Over the past few years Troy Ave has become Hip-Hop fans’ favorite punching bag and while such online animosity would’ve broken most rappers by now, the BK rapper has kept chugging along. Remaining defiant in the eyes of his haters and headstrong in his belief that he’s here for a reason, Troy Ave isn’t phased […]


Troy Ave caught the wrath of social media last week when he insinuated that he’d take the stand against Taxstone, but it seems like he ain’t sweating it none. Today the Brooklyn rapper put his suspect suggestion behind him and in his Touchdown Brown assisted clip to “Pray 4 Me” chills on a beach chair […]

Brooklyn tough guy rapper Troy Ave and his beef with Taxstone  won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. After suggesting on a new track that he’d take the stand against Tax, Twitter has been frying the self-proclaimed “Harry Powder” like hood baloney on Twitter since hearing the bars.

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Did Troy Ave land an endorsement deal with Gatorade without telling anyone? It certainly seems that way in his clip to “Magnolia” where the Brooklyn rapper works up a sweat performing in an all purple room while supping out a Gatorade cup and rocking a Gatorade dad hat. We wonder if there was some Gatorade […]