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Troy Ave

Source: New York Daily News Archive / Getty

A few years ago Troy Ave caught major heat from social media when he implied he’d be willing to take the stand against Taxstone in the Irving Plaza shooting case. But now the Brooklyn rapper is slandering fellow Brooklynite Casanova for allegedly doing exactly what Troy insinuated he’d do himself.

Taking his old beef with the currently incarcerated Casanova back to the grill again, Troy went on Instagram with court receipts that allegedly prove that Casanova cooperated with authorities in a murder investigation of his own mans and ’em. In the post, Ave shows and points out parts of the file where Cas was referred to as a “witness” and in a lengthy caption went in on the “Don’t Run” rapper’s supposedly cooperating ways.

“Caswell #CasanovaSenior” cooperated with the police and snitched on his “Friend” Classik about a murder investigation. He foolin the crowd, I never 🧢 even against people ion fuk wit. That’s called Integrity these clowns wouldn’t know nothing bout it! check the NY post for details 📝 ✌🏾This why I’m 1 of the realist to ever go from the streets to music. I DONT LIE not even on oops!”

Yeah, this isn’t a good look for Casanova IF everything proves accurate.

Troy took the time to reference the slander he got a while back as well when he rapped about possibly testifying against Taxstone in 2018.

“They called me a rat every chance they got, knowing damn well my case is on camera and it’s self defense. I guess if somebody break in ya house kill ya family and u fight for the gun but police see u shooting at them u pose to say “I killed my family i don’t know who that person is y’all saw me shooting at” man FOH!”

You gotta wonder how Cas will respond to the allegations or if he’ll even be able to as he sits in a jail cell awaiting trial on drug trafficking and racketeering charges.