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Troy Ave Shares Artwork For New Casanova Diss Record

Source: New York Daily News Archive / Getty

Troy Ave isn’t letting his “beef” with rival Casanova simmer down.

Casanova is currently in prison. He is waiting to go on trial for drug trafficking and racketeering charges, but that’s not stopping fellow Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave from taking lyrical shots at him.

Monday (May 17), the “All About The Money” rapper uploaded the very disrespectful cover art for his new diss record “Assanova,” aimed at the currently incarcerated Hip-Hop artist. The cover features a gorilla body with a rat head and tail wearing Casanova’s signature 2X chain. Troy Ave shared the lyrics from his track “Richer Than My Haters” off his mixtape Killed or Be Killed in the caption for the post.

“Casanova crying folks he jus settin up stage to tell/How the fuk u crying broke wit jus 90 days in a cell,” the rapper wrote. “U sold ya soul for protection/They ain’t protect u to swell/Damn caswell/U the blood they extort on/This occurrence is CLASSIK LIKE THE BOY U TOLD ON/Don’t make me retrieve da paperwork that u wrote on/Can’t get a visit from None of them rappers dicks u rode on.”

Troy Ave’s latest shot at Casanova seems to be in response to the jailed rapper’s most recent Instagram post about being abandoned by people who he believed to be his friends. The two separate posts feature screenshots of the tweets saying, “some people that I thought loved me, only needed me….I get it now. I won’t let that go over my head,” and the other stating, “be careful who life you change, they might not remain the same when you need them the most!”

In December, Casanova turned himself in because of his alleged involvement with the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang that federal authorities believe is linked to numerous crimes. During a court appearance in January, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Davison sided with the prosecution and denied him bail saying the rapper was a danger to the community despite saying the defense made a strong argument for freeing him on $2.5 million bail.

“When you go back to the history and characteristics of this defense … this is a defendant who has, over the last decade, managed to rack up three serious violent felony convictions,” Davison said. “It is quite reasonable to infer that people who cross (Casanova) get hurt.”

Well damn.

Photo: New York Daily News Archive / Getty