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Casanova is looking at up to life behind bars if the Southern District of New York makes its case against him. In true conspiracy embracing fashion, there are a legion of people on Twitter who are convinced it was the Brooklyn rapper’s interviews with DJ Vlad that got him pinched by the Feds.

Last week, Casanova turned himself in after he was one of 18 men hit with charges that included racketeering and conspiracy. Apparently, the DOJ has been building a case against Cas and alleged members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Gang for years.

It quickly came to light that the authorities cited interviews with DJ Vlad in the indictment, and that’s all it took to convince people the guy is the Ops. Which a lot of people have already tagged him with anyway, if we’re going to keep it a buck. The docs refer to interviews Casanova did where admitted assaulting people while in prison, which was quickly noted as a reference to a DJ Vlad interview (of many).

To be fair, the Feds can’t use anything incriminating against if you never said it during an interview that gets thousands upon thousands of views, and that they’re probably subscribed to. Investigators were also tuned into social media, so you can’t blame anyone else for stuff you yourself posted. Which is why Peeway Longway is looking like a genius right now.

Nevertheless, the receipts are being gathered, with many offering opinions on who is to blame, whether or not Vlad is complicit and if Casanova has a shot of regaining his freedom. Fat Joe and Maino are surely following along considering they recently discussed how “rappers are in danger.”

Peep the reactions below.

1. The jig been spotted before.

2. Sheesh.