DJ Vlad

10-time Grammy Award-winning R&B legend Chaka Khan told an interviewer this week that she is still dissatisfied with the way her voice was used on Kanye West’s debut single, “Through the Wire.” 

Soulja Boy is beyond angry at DJ Vlad, going onto his Instagram Live to express his disgust that the media interviewer would contact the people that tried to rob him in 2008.

The Detroit wordsmith once again took aim at Vlad, this after an interview with Juvenile went left after the mention of Young Buck.

At this point Hip-Hop is half cancel culture and conspiracy culture. One rapper clears up the notion that a platform but him behind bars.

Casanova is looking at up to life behind bars if the Southern District of New York makes its case against him. In true conspiracy embracing fashion, there are a legion of people on Twitter who are convinced it was the Brooklyn rapper's interviews with DJ Vlad that got him pinched by the Feds.

Nick Cannon is still on his crusade to get Eminem out of here. He is now using his woke status to justify the cancellation.

The particulars behind Tupac’s sexual assault case continue to be a hot topic. His accuser has given further insight on the court proceedings in a new video.

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Now that Prodigy has passed away (R.I.P.), it’s on Havoc’s shoulders to carry the legacy that Mobb Deep created. Truth be told he’s been going an admirable job.

50 Cent‘s brand of online pettiness has now entered the legal arena. 50 has posted documents supporting his claims that Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is a government informant.

An albumless Jay Electronica has always found a way to keep us entertained and enthralled with his persona and it generally involves alcohol.

Lord Jamar has been very outspoken these days in regard to race and Kanye West’s kilts in Hip-Hop. The Brand Nubian founder recently threatened Yelawolf via Twitter. Yelawolf responding in kind by telling Jamar to suck his cracker balls.