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It isn’t always very clear what DJ Vlad’s talent is outside of being messy.

Vlad decided to spend his Thanksgiving weighing in on the subject of recording artist Saweetie and the disappointing sales produced by her new EP, The Single Life. Essentially, Vlad claimed her new project would have done better if Saweetie hadn’t declined to do an interview with him.

“If Saweetie did a VladTV interview she would have easily done 10x her first week sales, which was 2000 copies,” Vlad tweeted. “We actually reached out through one of our people and were told ‘she won’t do Vlad’. Her loss.”

Obviously, the tweet got Vlad the attention he was clearly looking for because Saweetie responded saying that she has “been a big fan & have screen recorded my favorite episodes,” and that ” if anyone ‘reached out’ it wasn’t to me or my team.”

That tweet prompted a war of receipts between Vlad and VladTV contributor Shirley Ju.

“Thank you for the kind words, but actually, it is your team,” Vlad told Saweetie in a tweet accompanied by what appears to be a screenshot of a text by Ju. “Your publicist at Warner Bros is the one who blocked the interview. Same publicist who set up your interview with Shirley Ju. This is what happens when you have bad people in your corner making decisions on your behalf.”

That’s when Vlad proceeded to come for Ju, but Ju was having none of Vlad’s nonsense, and she had some receipts of her own.

From Blavity:

In a follow-up tweet, Vlad added that he would no longer be utilizing Ju as a contributor to his platform.

“Shirley Ju will no longer be doing interviews on VladTV,” he tweeted. “I apologize to all the VladTV viewers for the interviews she’s ruined over the past year.”

Ju, whose bylines include HipHopDX, Complex and Variety, took to Twitter to clap back.

“You’re a grown ass man threatening me on thanksgiving. Everyone told me not to work with you. They were right,” she tweeted.

Ju then revealed the full context of the text thread between her and DJ Vlad showing the blogger threaten to “choose violence” and leak a voicemail after Saweetie’s publicist declined an interview with his platform.

“It’s a struggle when I’m trying to pitch you,” Ju told Vlad in the text message.

“Cool,” Vlad replied. “I don’t like them either then. I’ll be posting the voicemail also.”

Vlad then went on to say, “I’m honestly tired of these bulls**t publicists hating on us. I’m going on the offensive moving forward.”

Now, we all know “I choose violence” doesn’t actually necessarily mean physical violence. It could mean something as mild as aggravated Twitter fingers or just sharing unpopular opinions on the internet. Still, Vlad threatening to leak private voicemails if he didn’t get his way is some petty high school sh**.

But whatever, maybe he and Saweetie will have their sit down now that he knows she didn’t reject him personally.

Because he seemed really hurt by that.