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Royce Da 5’9 has previously made his disdain for Hip-Hop’s agent provocateur DJ Vlad known in the past. The Detroit wordsmith once again took aim at Vlad, this after an interview with Juvenile went left after the mention of Young Buck.

The New Orleans rapper sat down with DJ Vlad for a recent video which covered his extensive career, his upbringing, and more. However, Juve’s tone shifted drastically when Vlad tried to steer the conversation into when Young Buck was aligned with UTP and Cash Money Records early in his career. Juve immediately shut it down and tried to move on, but Vlad kept pressing the issue.

The video of Juvenile’s reaction towards Vlad’s Young Buck question went wide and had folks wondering what exactly was the root of their beef. Royce, taking notice of the clip, shared it to his Instagram page with a caption that essentially called for the boycott of DJ Vlad.

“How he’s choosing to handle Buck is his choice but I’d be remiss not to point out that we get so triggered by each other and we are so quick to cut each other off, we forgetting that there’s a common denominator here… Eliminate Vlad because his platform is a direct threat to our strength. We don’t need him,” Royce said, adding the hashtag “#unityisstrength” at the end of the missive.

Buck was a recent guest on DJ Vlad’s platform and while we haven’t tuned in, he apparently said something in the chest that rubbed Juvenile the wrong way.

Royce has previously taken issue with Vlad after the host reportedly disrespected Nation of Islam leader, Min. Louis Farrakhan during an interview with D.L. Hughley last August. Others, such as N.O.R.E., distanced themselves from Vlad after that interview.

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