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DJ Caesar and AR-Ab

Source: @Justinmyview / Radio-One

At this point Hip-Hop is half cancel culture and conspiracy culture. One rapper clears up the notion that a platform but him behind bars.

As spotted on HipHopDX AR-Ab has done his first interview since getting arrested on federal drug charges. In an over the phone conversation with the Flip Da Script podcast he touched on several points regarding his current situation. Naturally the topic of DJ Vlad came up as over the years several rappers have attempted to put a snitch jacket on the Russian media mogul. About three years ago the former associate of Cassidy conducted a sit down with the journalist. While he touched on a bevy of topics regarding his story it was his admissions of running a drug ring that went viral.

In his discussion with QueenzFlip and DJ G Money he made it clear VladTV didn’t get him booked. “I’m tired of people saying my interviews with Vlad got me locked up and all this sh*t,” he said. “The times I did my interviews on Vlad I was a rapper. I wasn’t doing nothing. I was talking about my past. Vlad don’t got nothing to do with me being locked up. No interview with Vlad or interview with anybody got anything to do with me being locked up.”

His brother Lik Moss also revealed that AR-Ab is not receiving the medical attention he needs to recover from a stab wound. “Right now, he’s in a position where he can’t walk at all,” he said. “But he’s on a block with my brother and little cousin so they kind of taking care of him right now. Probably about 80 percent of his body is black. It’s pussing and bleeding. And he ain’t used the bathroom in a week — like urinated”.

You can watch AR’s original interview with DJ Vlad below.