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Lil Boosie on set

Source: (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage) / (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Boosie has filmed yet another VladTV interview. In this edition he says that the majority of rappers are federal informants. 

As spotted on Complex the Baton Rouge, Louisiana talent has once again shared his unique point of view with the world. This week DJ Vlad released a clip of their newest Q&A and the self-proclaimed BooPac had a very hot take aimed at the entire Rap industry. When discussing the recent announcement that Pras admitted to working with the government, the man named Torrence Hatch Jr. was not surprised at all at the news says “90 percent of rappers” are rats.

“It’s a worldwide movement, bro. It’s a worldwide movement of rats. And it’s turning out the music industry is full of them,” he added. “There’s more rats in the music industry than the streets. Because I think they don’t wan to lose. You know? They don’t want to lose this lifestyle. That’s how they develop into rats, because they want all this sh*t but they don’t want to lose it. And they figure they can go get it back when they come home.”

Boosie went on to detail the effects snitching has on the families related to the individual who got told on. “Most of the time, when those snitches, whatever they do, they end up dying, deaths. They end up living horrible lives. The people who supporting rats don’t give a f*** about children. Those children suffer when you rat on that f***ing family and that daddy. That child grows up without a daddy, that child grows up without a mother. So, anybody supporting f***ing rats, they don’t give a f*** about a kid.”

You can see Boosie discuss snitches and rats below.

Photo: Prince Williams / WireImage