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There are always three sides to every story and LA Suppperclub–the venue where T.I. and The Game prepared to go toe-to-toe with the boys in blue–is telling their version.

From what we know, “an angry onlooker” as they put it, allegedly got the paws put on him by a security guard who had seen one too many cop movies.

Via Supperclub Hollywood:

The events that happened in the parking lot behind Supperclub Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning are severely disheartening, leaving our company and organization frustrated, and our Hollywood neighbors saddened.

An unfortunate escalation between an angry onlooker who was denied entry to Supperclub, and a rogue security officer who took matters too far, led to an untenable altercation which represented the worst in all of us.

Although T.I. The Game were in the parking lot during this time, they were not directly involved with this incident. Community leader “Big2 U”, of Developing Options, was in fact, not arrested, contrary to false reports, and had no part in this altercation. The third party security company that was hired for this outside promotional event, is not a part of Supperclub Los Angeles, and will never be booked by Supperclub, or the venue’s outside promotional vendors again. The owners, management and family of Supperclub vehemently condemn this act, and any act of violence, as it directly contradicts its core philosophies of celebration of the arts, food and culture.

When asked about the incident earlier today, T.I. denied any recollection of the spectacle so aside from the unknown guy who’s keeping his ice pack within arm’s reach and a security guard standing in the unemployment line, all seems to be forgiven and clubgoers can party on as usual.

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