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The Washington Wizards are headed to the second round of the NBA Playoffs for the first time since 2005 and nothing could distract them from this destiny. Not even Twitter terriorist threats from possible Chicago Bulls fans.

Center Marcin Gortat was victim to ridicule online to the point that authorities had to take seriously and act on the behalf of his welfare and safety of his family.

Apparently somene thought it would be funny to threaten his entire homeland of Poland.

Via NBC ProBasketballTalk:

Gortat received threats on social media during that series that he reported to security officials, reports J. Michael at Not that any of it bothered Gortat.

“It’s just funny. People are weird,” Gortat said when asked about his banter on his Twitter account. “The one gentleman who really threatened us, actually made some terrorist threats to us. He already got profiled so it’s all good. It’s all some serious stuff…

“He was saying there was a bomb in the plane and stuff like that, my country was going to get bombed, my family’s going to die. Just stuff like that. Just everyday stuff.”

Just everyday stuff, huh? Maybe that’s why he came overseas.

Photo: YouTube