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Budding Hip-Hop star Diggy Simmons is barely removed from high school himself, but he is still not above recognizing the academic achievements of students who deserved it.

Which is why the “My Girl” rapper partnered up with Get Schooled, a nonprofit organization who dedicates their time into helping teens get over the hump and graduate high school unscathed. Tenth grader Alexandra Christopher was unaware that her submission to the Times Square Yearbook was about to be answered when she was writing lyrics during her Language Arts class yesterday, May 8. Suddenly a camera crew and Diggy burst into the room, much to the surprise of the young scholar.

Alexandra recapped her viewpoint of the event on her Twitter saying, “So.. I was sitting in class making a rap for when we graduate in 2 years… And my teacher’s all like ‘You have to do it for the principal!’ And I turn back around.. And see Diggy Simmons walking through the door… I seemed to be the only really hype one… Cause I was the only one that screamed.. So he comes all up like asking who’s Alexandra.. So I’m sitting there shocked and stuff.. And only had the ability to point to myself..”

There’s nothing wrong with being overcome with joy when you come face-to-face with one of your heroes. At the rate Ms. Christopher is going, she too will make someone happy to meet her.

Hit the gallery to see how the entire event unfolded, including Diggy to have the incredible good fortune of standing with his father on positive terms in the principal’s office. For more information on how you can help Get Schooled brighten the day of tomorrow’s leaders, visit here.

Photos: J. Shotti

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