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While all eyes are currently on the lean epidemic and how it’s affecting the urban community, a drifting eye needs to shift over to the dead man’s last meal of embalming fluid.

A naked man in Houston was spotted doing the Nae Nae dance and twirling like Beyoncé at a busy intersection in front of young children. His kinfolk admitting that he had been bingeing on embalming fluid to get his fix.

Reports KHOU:

Spectators pulled out their cell phones and began recording when they saw a naked man dancing in the median.

The man was spotted at the intersection of West Gulf Bank Road and Antoine Drive around 12:30 p.m. Neighbors said he’s been known to attract attention at a nearby complex, but they never expected this.

“I think it’s sickening. It’s disgusting. It’s gross. It’s nasty,” said neighbor Tammy Norwood.

Several parents at the complex said they were especially concerned because several children saw the nude man’s performance. “I’m just happy that my kids weren’t here to see it. It’s too much. It’s too vulgar,” said neighbor Courtney Moody.

However, in several video clips, the crowd appears to be cheering the man on as he broke out into dance moves and made obscene gestures.

“He was doing the Beyonce, the surf board, twerking, the Nae Nae. Every dance that’s out there right now, he was doing,” said witness Chad Arceneaux. “I didn’t know what was next.”

The man’s cousin, Carla Meyers was appalled that everybody was amused at the show but let’s be real here. He’s not Kevin Hart. Nobody was trying to get that “D.”

Hit the gallery to see the (censored) photos of the spectacle.

Photo: KHOU

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