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Larry Langford, the former mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for taking bribes while in office.

Prosecutors convicted Langford of accepting Rolex watches, expensive clothing and upwards of $240,000 in exchange for bond work.

He was accused of accepting the bribes while he was president of the Jefferson County Commission. According to prosecutors he would lead county bond work to an investment banker in exchange for bribes.

His defense team vehemently denies the claims however, saying that the money and clothing were personal gifts from friends and played no part in his decision making.

The investment banker that accepted the bond work, Bill Blount,told a different story however and pleaded guilty to making payments to the former mayor. Another man, lobbyist Al La Pierre admitted to being in on the scandal as well.

Blount was sentenced to more than four years behind bars, La Pierre— four.

Blount’s Montgomery firm was accused of making $7.1 million off the bond deals with Jefferson County.

Langford is working on an appeal of the case.