Brittany Smith, a former student at Harvard University, has been indicted for her role in the shooting death of 21-year-old Cambridge University student Justin Cosby.

Smith is facing accessory charges for helping to cover-up the 2009 murder of Cosby during a botched robbery/ drug deal on the Harvard University campus.

According to police, Smith, now 22-years-old was the girlfriend of Jabrai Jordan Copney, one of three men in question for the case.

They accuse her of giving 20-year-old Copney, 19-year-old Blayn Jiggetts and 23-year-old Jason Aquino her key card for her dorm room where they planned to rob Cosby.

After things went astray and the young man was shot and killed, they say she hid the gun under her friend’s bed and lied to authorities about the incident.

She appeared in a federal court room Tuesday and pled not guilty to six charges, three counts of accessory to murder, one count of illegal possession of a firearm, willfully misleading a grand jury, and willfully misleading a police officer.

Smith was not allowed to graduate from the institution in light of the case.

A second female student, Chanequa Campbell, was denied graduation for her ties to the case although she still has yet to be charged with a crime.

As previously reported Jason Aquino was cleared of murder charges and instead faces charges of accessory as well.

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