New York rappers, as of late, have been adapting the ideals of the South with all of the southern hospitality as they have been joining forces recently.

They must have finally figured out that all that beef is getting played out and it makes more sense to just put egos aside and work together for the greater cause.

As Juelz Santana continues to hold onto the release of The Reagan Era mixtape, he has a special surprise that will include Jadakiss, Fabolous and Lloyd Banks.

Could this be a teaser to what fans can expect?

Jadakiss – “Take Me To NY”

Apparently, unity is the movement and although these individuals might not be making the same connections with their own groups, things seem to be panning out regardless.

After being trumped by the Southern explosion for so long, it looks like New York had just found its window of opportunity and will soon give the world the reintroduction to the Empire State.

In regards to the actual release date, the question is still one that will float in the air until Santana is ready to open the cage.

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