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“That wasn’t me, that was Pimpin’ Curly.”

Generally Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is known for his playful nature and making repeated attempts at ripping through another artist’s credibility by embarrassment.

As reported earlier, in his attack on Rick Ross, a sextape was released and was reportedly one of Ross baby mothers.  Apparently, the woman didn’t take too kindly and filed a lawsuit against Jackson for the video.

In true 50 form, the rapper brushed off the accusations by simply stating that it Pimpin’ Curly behind the ordeal, and speaking with Tim Westwood, spoke on her claims of her image being tainted.

“Let me tell you the ill part.  A person tries to say that you’ve done a mental harm to them. Then they might want to consider the recordings of Rick Ross saying that she’s an actual call girl or the pamphlets that I’m showing in the tape, that’s saying that she’s available.  So how distraught is she that a tape went out? They think I bought the tape, I didn’t even buy it.”

He was also able to speak more on his sound for the upcoming record which was reported as adapting a more techno, dance vibe, but assured fans that it still be vintage 50.

“I got a joint that’s real uptempo (”like Will I Am, a happy Flo-Rida?”) No, its a different kind of vibe, its still 50 Cent….I’m listening to different music. I’m using different song formats…experiment with different things, still 50 Cent content…”

Well, that’s a sigh of relief.  Thought for a second that 50 might have been getting all emo on his fans or something.