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“That wasn’t me, that was Pimpin’ Curly.” Generally Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is known for his playful nature and making repeated attempts at ripping through another artist’s credibility by embarrassment. As reported earlier, in his attack on Rick Ross, a sextape was released and was reportedly one of Ross baby mothers.  Apparently, the woman didn’t […]

50 cent, News

The character known as Pimpin’ Curly may have landed rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in hot water that was deeper than the rap going back and forth with Rick Ross. Lastonia Leviston is suing Jackon, claiming that he unlawfully distributed her homemade sex tape over the Internet and edited himself into the footage draped as […]

“What do I gain by squashing it?” Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his “ganster” persona has transitioned him from being an artist that delivers raw and uncut aggressive content to a rapper whose name is synonymous with beef. With Before I Self Destruct on hiatus until the close of the year, 2009 was full of […]

“Thirteen women and no condoms, you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger?  Rappers use condoms often.  Golfers apparently don’t use condoms.” As people are continuing to find comical relief at the expense of golfer Tiger Woods and his pending situation with countless women, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson actually sparks an idea, or reinvents one […]

“You just gotta have a more honest approach, initially. It’s not like they don’t know his wife is there.  He just picked some chickens, that’s all.  Then they start talking.” As the media continues to eat off the “fall” of Tiger Woods, America is clearly having a field day with the golfer’s plummet from grace.  […]