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“What do I gain by squashing it?”

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his “ganster” persona has transitioned him from being an artist that delivers raw and uncut aggressive content to a rapper whose name is synonymous with beef.

With Before I Self Destruct on hiatus until the close of the year, 2009 was full of notable moments for Jackson as he waged war against Rick Ross and opened old wounds back up with Jay Z when he decided to affiliate himself with Beanie Sigel.

Coincidentally, more will remember the rapper for his antics in the year as opposed to the actual album which was overshadowed by constant push backs.

Throughout it all, throughout his career, the rapper has painted himself as the bully and seems to be unwavering from shaking that image anytime soon.

Talking on Power 105 with DJ Clue and DJ Envy, Jackson opened up more on his need to turn the beef with Ross into more of a spectacle instead of something serious.

“Everyday I’m hustling, I’m believing that’s who he is.  Then you look and think, ‘Hey, he’s a cop, you serious?’  Then everything else that comes out I can’t take this serious, I gotta go Pimpin Curly.  I need something else that’s effective and laugh at it, so no one else takes it serious.”

Jackson also elaborated on his “relationship” with Jay which has taken constant turns as the years have progress from friends to opponents.

“Because it’s the competitive nature of the art form.  It’s still there, he competes too.  He just does it so subliminal that people don’t read it.”

Check below as 50 Cent speaks more on beef and his competitive nature.