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“Thirteen women and no condoms, you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger?  Rappers use condoms often.  Golfers apparently don’t use condoms.”

As people are continuing to find comical relief at the expense of golfer Tiger Woods and his pending situation with countless women, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson actually sparks an idea, or reinvents one due to Woods’ particular situation.

Having his own condom line shelved due to wanting to add sexually enhancing performance to the condom, Jackson has now reconsidered re-launching the idea.  In honor of Woods’s numerous plays, off the green, 50 has stated that he might add a tiger stripe on the packaging.   

Appearing on The George Lopez Show on Monday, the rapper channeled his alter ego, Pimpin Curly, in order to provide more commentary on where Tiger went wrong.

“It’s interesting when you pick your women at Perkins.  That’s why you get told on.  When she tells, it’s not really her fault, especially when you didn’t give her nothing and she’s at Perkins.”

Citing his Cub scout demeanor, Jackson added that he never instilled the fear in the women that he dealt with which resulted in them not having a problem in speaking on their alleged sexual endeavors as they knew he would do nothing in retaliation. 

“The woman needs to feel like maybe, he’s gonna snap, so I ain’t gonna say that.  Tiger, there ain’t no fear.” 

This from the same guy telling women to have a baby by him and be a millionaire.

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