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“You just gotta have a more honest approach, initially. It’s not like they don’t know his wife is there.  He just picked some chickens, that’s all.  Then they start talking.”

As the media continues to eat off the “fall” of Tiger Woods, America is clearly having a field day with the golfer’s plummet from grace.  It almost feels as though everybody was idling waiting for him to slip up just once so they could have the green light to just let him have it.

With commentary from Jimmy Kimmel to public roasting on Saturday Night Live, any and everybody is taking advantage of the opportunity to unleash a few haymakers.

Usually known to throw his own series of jabs everywhere, rapper 50 Cent put his gloves on and gave his two cents on the situation in front of Tiger Woods.  Surprisingly, the rapper offered more advice for Woods in dealing with the opposite sex .

Speaking with Tim Westwood, Fif threw some words of wisdom as to what girls to associate with in such circumstances as Woods’.

“You don’t have a problem with the woman that speaks another language.  She never talks to anybody that hears her.” 

Known for his alter ego of Pimpin Curly, the rapper also found some of the faults in his case and cited that his emotions also led to his downfall.

“That’s wrong too.  He might have trust issues. If you have trust issues, you see so many people that you develop a comfort with that person.  Even though you don’t have a relationship with them, you still want to be around a selected.”

The rapper added that a guy like Tiger isn’t able to deal with such pressure as this.  A par 3 hole is like a cake-walk compared to this. 

“You could tell he was just never under those types of circumstances.  He didn’t know better than to not do that.  Even the apology before we found out what was going on, he’s like ‘This is obviously my fault’, before we could figure out what he did.”

With the potential consequences and ramifications of Tiger’s actions, 50 states that overall it shouldn’t be that bad as far as finances and it should only act as fuel to make him even more determined once he gets back on the green.

“Even if he did a prenuptial, the most he would lose if his wife right?  And half the paper.  Half the paper from Tiger Woods is not even a life-changing situation.  I think he’ll be swinging a lot harder at that next tournament.  U.S. Open, he gonna be on point, focused.  Divorce will make you get up early the next morning to go to work.” 

Whether the golfer is trying to repair his image in the public’s eye or pick up the shattered pieces of his dwindling relationship, he has his work cut out for him.  Rest assured, however, that as the drama unfolds, the comedy will continue to roll.