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“I decide I’m not handing in Great Escape…

I told them they needed to start paying these producers with that other [$60,000] before we start losing records (this is back when we were trying to “clear” everything up).”

It is becoming more evident that whether an artist is dealing with a mainstream or an independent label, the same politics exists when dealing with any record label in general.

[Peep after the jump as Budden shares more issues on his label woes and recording idustry rule # 2,080.] [More]

As reported earlier, a representative for Amalgam Digital felt it necessary to clarify the ongoing issues between the company and Joe Budden, making allegations that the rapper owed two albums and was using shady tactics in dealing with business.

For months, people have been waiting for Slaughterhouse to make the jump to Shady Records and join the team of Eminem, but Budden and Joell Ortiz have voiced that E1 Entertainment and Amalgam could be the culprits holding up that process.

In an attempt to clear up the allegations thrown his way, the New Jersey native responded to the claims and even stated that his future projects will be on hold until things are sorted out.

“I decide I’m not handing in Great Escape (to E1 who’s expecting it because that’s what they paid Amalgam for basically) until Amalgam has absolutely nothing to do with Budden. Keep in mind, when I did try to hand Great Escape to Amalgam, I told them they needed to start paying these producers with that other [$60,000] before we start losing records (this is back when we were trying to “clear” everything up). They said, “Hell no,” [and said that] I better pay them from the 80k I got, the 60 ain’t movin ’til the album’s out. I also offered to pay them, in full, [$140,000] to remove themselves from any situation of mine, didn’t happen. E1 offered them 200k to do the same. I was told, “Dude is crazy. He’s coming back with astronomical numbers…”

The rep has also stated that what happened with the release of Escape Route was Budden’s fault and the rapper also addressed what issue arose when it dropped.

“He puts out Escape Route on the same date as Slaughterhouse (seems small, but dude had already been threatening Royce and Joell’s managers with dropping a Budden project in close proximity to anything they do, which no one wanted, naturally). E1 wants to re sign Slaughterhouse but here comes Shady [Records]. Next then goes and cuts some deal with Alan [Grunblatt] (E1). What that deal included, no one really knows for sure, but they got a shitload of money under the promise they’d be able to deliver Budden product (remember, E1 wants Budden desperately). So now a hard copy of Escape Route comes out to everyone’s surprise and is doing great, generating A LOT of money that I haven’t seen a dime of, along with Padded Room, Halfway House and Mood Muzik royalties.”

That just goes to show the power of the label when they have control of distribution.

Man, all this c*ck-blocking is doing nothing but hurting the music for the fans.  All the people want is good music and all these politics, although fans might not understand or care, are doing nothing more than leaving the consumers disappointed.