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“I decide I’m not handing in Great Escape… I told them they needed to start paying these producers with that other [$60,000] before we start losing records (this is back when we were trying to “clear” everything up).” It is becoming more evident that whether an artist is dealing with a mainstream or an independent […]

JoellOrtiz  E1 is f**king cockblocking us from doing something monumental for our fans and our careers.  I don’t give a f**k who gets mad.  It’s the truth. As reported earlier, ¼ of Slaughterhoouse, Joell Ortiz, has become very vocal as it pertains to his situation with his record label, E1 Entertainment. Making claims that the […]

After taking a hiatus out of the limelight to concentrate on her family, the former first lady of Bad Boy is stepping back onto the scene. Faith Evans is gearing up to share her life with fans nationwide through a new reality show via E1 Television and Ten2OneEntertainment. The mother of four will star in […]

Already being forced to deal with push backs, the album initially slated for release as early as 2006, Memphis Bleek’s project The Process was again pushed back from a 2009 release to 2010. Not allowing the politics to set him back mentally, Bleek continues his grind until the drop with the release of the track […]

As a child begins to grow and mature into an adult, it is sometimes necessary for him/her to expand his/her own horizons and part ways with his/her home and attack the world on their own. For Harlem rapper Jim Jones, the Capo, outside of his history as part of the Diplomats, was able to establish […]

Earlier reports stated that Rell was trying to make Jones pay and he indeed meant that as rumors surfaced that he was in the process of suing Jones.  It also showed that the rapper intended to hit up his old stomping grounds Koch, now E1 Entertainment, Babygrande Records and Tycoon Entertainment. All of the issues […]

With everything going on with everyone else, it seemed as though there was an unsettling silence from that of Joell Ortiz as details have been scarce as to his process in his solo career with no mention of even an EP. The silence has come to an abrupt stop as the Brooklyn Bomber Mr. Ortiz […]

Sheek Louch ft. Bully Styles P – This Is D-Block

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