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Already being forced to deal with push backs, the album initially slated for release as early as 2006, Memphis Bleek’s project The Process was again pushed back from a 2009 release to 2010.

Not allowing the politics to set him back mentally, Bleek continues his grind until the drop with the release of the track “Still Ill”

“Still Ill”

HipHopWired was able to catch up with Bleek and speak with the rapper on the upcoming release and what to expect as well as dispelling certain misconceptions.

“I’m gonna make it happen, trust me with this album I’m gonna come strong and let people know, everything that you’ve been hearing over the years, it’s all been Bleek. I didn’t have a deal when Coming of Age and “It’s Alright” came out, none of that. It’s just crazy the way people think. Rumors get started now, somebody think of it in their house and they just put in on the blog and it goes everywhere and everybody believes it.”

He also added creating his own brand and the details behind the delay on the album.

“Oh man, just basically showing people the growth and the process of building my own establishment right now Get low Records. That’s what’s been the long delay, I felt like I didn’t want to put out another release under Def Jam if they going to look at me selling 400,000 copies as a loss. I’d rather lose on my own label like that, you know what I mean. So it was the process of getting out the deal, the process of getting a distribution deal and one that’s suitable for me, one that generates the right amount of attention as well as the assets, I didn’t want to just jump on any deal if that’s the case I’d be doing what every other rapper [is doing].”

Scheduled for a release on March 23, Bleek will step to the plate to show that he’s capable of standing on his own without Roc A Fella behind him.