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Earlier reports stated that Rell was trying to make Jones pay and he indeed meant that as rumors surfaced that he was in the process of suing Jones.  It also showed that the rapper intended to hit up his old stomping grounds Koch, now E1 Entertainment, Babygrande Records and Tycoon Entertainment.

All of the issues revolved around supposed unpaid royalties.

These reports, since then, have been extinguished by Rugah himself and been dispelled as just being here say and nothing more as he has no intentions of putting out a lawsuit against his former group member.

Regarding it as being a false report, the rapper stated that he is in the process of dealing with Koch legally, but has not put out any type of court order on Jones.

The faction/movement known as Dipset has taken quite a turn for the worse within the recent years.  With Cam’Ron’s departure, the blame seemed to be placed in the hands of Jim Jones, the Capo, and Juelz Santana as they were stepping away from the original blueprint for the Diplomats and utilizing technology such as Auto-Tune on records.

Breaking into two separate sides, Hell Rell seemed to remain loyal to Killa as he has recently aired his grievances in regards to the other two that stood at the forefront as representation of the group.

Speaking with XXL, the rapper opened up more clarity to the situation at hand.  No matter what issues there may be in the group, they were still a tight-knit family before so the feelings may still resonate.

“I go on the Internet and everybody saying I’m suing Jim Jones. That was a false report on the media’s behalf. Yes, I do have a lawsuit pending with Koch… but, no, I’m not suing Jim. At the end of the day, we might all have our differences, we might not speak to each other on an everyday basis for certain reasons, but, no, I ain’t suing nobody.”

Rell added that he personally had a conversation with Jones to clear the air and although Jones was thrown off by not being contacted earlier, this particular situation has been put to rest now between the two.