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As we reach the midway point of September, Danny Brown’s long-awaited Atrocity Exhibition album is just over the horizon. Today, the Detroit rapper whet appetites with another early offering from the project.

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If Cam’ron restored that classic Diplomats feeling on “Dipsh*ts,” then he, Jim Jones and Hell Rell took fans to church with “C.F.W.U. (Reunited).” And now there’s a visual to show for it.

“Because of the situation that’s been going on a lot of people tend to put Crips and Bloods in a negative stand point because that’s what they want to show. The government want to view it as something negative because of the fact they don’t want people to unite. They don’t want people to come […]

“I didn’t say I was mad at nobody, I didn’t say well I’m mad at [Cam’ron] because I did time.  I said this is what’s been going on and this is what’s been happening, what’s good?   I’m stepping out first letting it be known that this is going on and somebody need to respond […]

“Juelz has just as much right to Dipset as Cameron Giles.  So it ain’t no one person that can say Dipset over.  People just been doing a lot of YouTubin’ and trying to get theyselves hot.  When you can’t get on the radio, I guess YouTube is the next best thing to get on.” Everything […]

“To keep it 100, Dipset is Dipset, but it’s over and they got to get over it.” The fat lady is singing her a** off right now as words from Killa Cam have apparently hammered the final nail into the coffin in regards to his former set known as The Diplomats. Questions have continued to […]

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Earlier reports stated that Rell was trying to make Jones pay and he indeed meant that as rumors surfaced that he was in the process of suing Jones.  It also showed that the rapper intended to hit up his old stomping grounds Koch, now E1 Entertainment, Babygrande Records and Tycoon Entertainment. All of the issues […]

Hell Rell’s been keeping his name in headlines this year, especially after airing out his grievances with old Diplomat affiliate Jim Jones. As previously reported he filed a lawsuit against Jimmy for copyright infringement of “intellectual property.” Durrell Mohammed, a.k.a. Hell Rell, took Joseph G. Jones to court along with several entertainment companies on charges […]

Former Dipset soldier, Hell Rell, is taking a member of his former rap family to court. Court documents show that Hell Rell, real name Durrell Mohammed, filed a lawsuit Friday, September 4 in a New York court room against Joseph G. Jones. Joseph G. Jones is better known as former Dipset Capo and Harlem native, […]