juelz santana

Sunday (Aug.9) it was revealed Juelz Santana is a free man and one of the first people he visited was his dentist.

Juelz Santana and his dentures might be back like cooked crack sooner than expected, according to his wife, Kimbella. The reality star revealed his prison bid might be coming to an end next year.

The last couple of years have probably been the toughest years in Juelz Santana’s Rap career. One of his properties has been taken while he is behind bars.

Banks give no f*cks when it comes to getting their dough. Julez Santana‘s New Jersey condo will be foreclosed on while the rapper is in prison.

Well, it looks like Rich was looking in the wrong direction all along when it comes to getting his artist Sidney Starr the proper mentorship she needed. Oh, and Alexis Skyy, Maino, and his girlfriend Maggie (remember them?) are back.

Juelz gets another month before he has to turn himself in.

Whether you love or hate them the fact that The Diplomats set trends can’t be disputed. They recently showed off their precious metals to GQ.

Love & Hip Hop New York is in its ninth season, and it came out swinging with the purest of struggle. While we didn’t meet all of the cast members in the first episode, Joe Budden, Cyn Santana, Safaree, Juelz Santana, Kimbella and Alexis Skyy made to kick things off right.

Juelz Santana is still fighting his way out some pretty serious weapons charges. His court date has been pushed back as he continues to plea bargain.

The feds are concerned about Juelz Santana‘s mental health. While the Dipset rapper battles charges stemming from his arrest for gun possession at Newark Airport, an officer tasked with supervising him has requested an evaluation of his mental health.

It seems Juelz Santana is reconsidering his legal strategy. His lawyers have rescinded their request to ease up the restrictions on his home confinement.

Juelz Santana will have to fight for his freedom in a federal court. The Dipset rapper faces up to 20 years in the pen for trying to bring a pistol into Newark Airport.