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Well, it looks like Rich was looking in the wrong direction all along when it comes to getting his artist Sidney Starr the proper mentorship she needed. Oh, and Alexis Skyy, Maino, and his girlfriend Maggie (remember them?) are back.

While we still don’t know if Rich’s baby mama Miracle will land in jail for shooting her husband the Love and Hip-Hop OG did make it back to NYC to check in on his artist Sidney Starr. Instead of going to the source he decided to link up with Nya Lee whom he chose to be Starr’s mentor and Sean John “model” Jacque. While talking over a fictional game of pool Lee filled Rich in on the details of the shenanigans the took place between herself and Sidney. Without even consulting with his artist Rich took every word of it as gospel.

Speaking of Starr, she was out vagina window shopping and stopped by a surgeon for a consultation on possibly taking the final step in her journey to becoming a woman and doing away with her hammer. After a very detailed description of how he would turn Starr’s tool into a fully functioning vagina and the possible issues that might arise during the surgery, it was the $30,000 plush price tag that had the transgendered artist taken back. She decides to seek the advice of Mariahlynn because she has been under the knife before which is strange because she didn’t change her sex but just enhanced her figure.

Anyway, Marahlynn lets Starr know she fully supports her transition and thinks the wannabe rapper just needs a “bop” to help her pay for the surgery. The “Once Upon A Time” crafter then breaks previews a song for Sidney that she feels is the perfect record for her, and they go and lay it down in the studio. Starr accompanied by Mariahlynn meet up with Rich and, of course, he brings up all of the details Nya Lee revealed to him. Starr tries to tell him his side of the story, but he really didn’t care, but his demeanor did change once she played for him the Mariahlynn assisted track. While he didn’t admit initially, he was very impressed, but things got even more interesting between himself and Mariahlynn.

After a tense exchange between the two LHHNY veterans, Mariahlynn reveals that they are still sleeping with each other off and Rich doesn’t dispute the fact. So yeah creep squad Dollaz is still a thing, but the real story here is Mariahlynn should have been Sidney’s mentor from the jump and not Nya Lee.

Maino and Maggie finally get some camera time and some shine on their storyline. Maggie who owns her own business already really wants her music career to take off, but Maino isn’t so sure she should focus on that. She thinks it would be a great idea only right if she hops on his particular track about bad chicks. He reluctantly agrees but doesn’t want her to put all her eggs back into music basket because he knows how hard it is to make in the industry. Fast forward we arrive at Maino’s studio, and he is in the studio playing the track for Alexis Skyy who is looking for help with her career after the whole Tr3yway situation fell apart.

To make things interesting in typical LHHNY fashion his girlfriend Maggie walks in making the whole situation extremely awkward. Sensing things are getting tense, Skyy leaves and the couple have a conversation which leads to Maggie deciding to handle her music career on her own which led her to link up with Hollywood Play a rapper she met years ago. As quick as we were introduced to the rapper we learn in the next scene he was tragically gunned down less than 12-hours after recording.

Last but certainly least after having a talk with his momma who pretty much asked him all the questions we did when news broke of the proposal, Juelz and Kimbella’s moment finally made it to television screens. It only took him losing his teeth and facing a lengthy jail bid, but congrats to the lovely couple again. Next week though things will get interesting between Kimbella and Yandy and we have been waiting for this moment to happen.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty