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Juelz Santana Wastes No Time, Visits His Dentist Immediately After Release

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Sunday (Aug.9), it was revealed Juelz Santana is a free man, and one of the first people he visited was his dentist.

Fresh out of the bing, we immediately learned that Santana was not only excited to enjoy his wife, Kimbella’s cooking in the kitchen, but also her cake in the bedroom.

But that’s not all, immediately after becoming a free man thanks to some help from Meek Mill, Santana made a trip to Brooklyn to see his dentist, Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein. The man responsible for fixing Santana’s previously jacked up grill due to drug use shared a video of himself standing next to the Dipset member welcoming him back to his practice and telling the rapper “Welcome Home.” In the clip, a slimmer and healthier looking Juelz can be seen rocking a shirt with his face on it wearing his signature crown bandana with “I’m back” written across it.

Before getting locked up after TSA discovered a handgun as well as oxycodone pills in his carry-on bag, Santana’s grill was the subject of jokes and discussion after it appeared he was missing some teeth. He quickly rectified the situation with a set of teef (yes, we meant to spell it that way).

But that didn’t stop the jokes because they were so damn big.

Well, anyway, welcome back, Santana. We are intrigued to see what the rapper does musically. While he was away, his wife/A&R helped pushed his #FreeSantana while he was away. Plus, he has hinted that he was working on new music while locked up.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty