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“Juelz has just as much right to Dipset as Cameron Giles.  So it ain’t no one person that can say Dipset over.  People just been doing a lot of YouTubin’ and trying to get theyselves hot.  When you can’t get on the radio, I guess YouTube is the next best thing to get on.”

Everything has a way of getting worse before it can ever become better.  For the former group known as Dipset, war between Cam’Ron and Jim Jones continues to draw more lines in the sand which should not dare to be crossed.

It was reported earlier that Cam’Ron had officially dissolved the brand known as Dipset and claimed that the set was over indefinitely.

Jim Jones, however, may see things a completely different light than his former friend as he responded saying that Cam’Ron does not have the power to shut down the movement.  Speaking on Shade 45’s Lip Service, Jones issued a word of advice to Killa.

“You gotta watch what you say as being one person because if someone was to take that personal, it could get ugly.”

He also added an invitation to those that might have a problem with him saying that he is Dipset and the fact that it was far more than a group.  His history growing up shows that he was part of the movement way before the music even started to flow.

“Whoever don’t like it, I said it, I’m Dipset.  I been Dipset.  Dipset started in the projects, 5H, and ain’t nobody get me out of 5H but myself.  They raided the apartment, me and Uncle Ricky, 600 bundles of dope, what’s up? That’s what we was doing in the projects.  Nobody got me out of that.  Dipset is ours.”

Jones also took the time to poke jabs at Cam by referencing his last Internet clip where Killa was in a grocery store and Capo stated that his words are not meant to build a buzz.

“This is not a publicity stunt.  I don’t go around sitting in shopping carts and things like that.  I go around getting money.  If it’s a problem, there’s a thin line between love and hate.”

It feels as though everything is continuing to crumble in slow motion for The Diplomats and Harlem has become divided as long as Jim Jones and Cam’Ron remain on opposite sides.