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Hell Rell’s been keeping his name in headlines this year, especially after airing out his grievances with old Diplomat affiliate Jim Jones. As previously reported he filed a lawsuit against Jimmy for copyright infringement of “intellectual property.” Durrell Mohammed, a.k.a. Hell Rell, took Joseph G. Jones to court along with several entertainment companies on charges they used his material without proper compensation. Now with his court battle in full swing, Hell Rell’s getting ready to drop his album.

Originally slated to hit stores October 6, Live From Hell’s been pushed back to November 3. The 12 track album will be his first project in a year and includes the singles, “Turn The Party Out” and “So Cold.”

The official tracklist for Live From Hell is here:

1) Intro

2) Turn The Party Out

3) So Cold

4) Close My Eyes

5) Exterminate

6) Return Of The Grind

7) By Your Side

8) So Special ‘

9) Profit

10) Top Gunna Takeover

11) Greatness 1

2) Motion Picture

13) I Heard They’re Looking For Me