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As a child begins to grow and mature into an adult, it is sometimes necessary for him/her to expand his/her own horizons and part ways with his/her home and attack the world on their own.

For Harlem rapper Jim Jones, the Capo, outside of his history as part of the Diplomats, was able to establish himself initially through Koch Records.  At the time, Koch was dubbed as being “the graveyard” for some artists and signs that a rapper was quickly fading into obscurity in the Hip Hop scene.

Jones actually left the independent label to join forces with Columbia Records where he released Pray IV Reign.

Since then, Koch has shed its skin and now stands as E1 Music and it might be time for Jones to return home as the label has catapulted itself from being a small fraction to being a factor.

The deal made between the two entities as he returns back to his initial nesting grounds is for one mixtape and one album.

After a joint album with DJ Webstar, the rapper’s next solo studio album is expected  to drop in 2010 although no further details have been released.

Rumors were circulating last summer that the rapper was in the process of being dropped from Columbia and a “source” from A&R had made the rumors concrete facts by stating that he was in fact dropped. According to Jones, however, the reports had no validity and even added that he’s not really an artist there but just in a partnership with the label pursuing a venture.

While Koch was on the climb to the top, the rapper was named Vice President of Urban A&R last January.  As the move to independent releases was slowly brewing, Jones was having his contributions to music acknowledged.

His work with E1 found the rapper introducing the world to Mr. Ice Cream Paint Job, Dorrough, along with working with the ranks of D-Block and the team of DJ Khaled.

Jones spoke on his relationship with Koch through Artist Direct, stating that the label allows him to do his thing which only makes him create music with better quality due to him not having excessive constraints in the creative process.

“They recognize all the money I’ve made them and all of the moves I’ve made throughout the years over the course of our relationship.  They understand the way I have to work.  Freedom is definitely a must for me to get the best quality of product that’s usually a hit.”

The move back can only mean great things for both Jones and E1.  As he was able to help in establishing Koch as being formidable and in turn, them becoming a new utopia for artists that were tired of the majors, the two can only further progress as they have departed to learn the way on their own, but come back once again.