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“I ain’t naming names at this time, but I’m adding names.  You let me know if you wanna be on the list.”

As of late, there has been tension between Ice Cube and the new generation of West Coast rappers that initially stemmed from the announcement of Cube’s next solo project I Am The West.

Jay Rock recently laid his opinion about Cube and disrespecting the New West and made it clear that the OG rapper needed to name names along with the fact that no rapper gave Rock anything he didn’t earn.

Well, Cube was back to his blog recently and addressed the issues and his opinion on all of the new “talent” coming from the Left Coast.

“With that being said, I understand my last few blogs have been talked about in the streets and all over the internet.  I want to make myself clear to all my fans who think I turned by back on the young rappers out here.  No.  I wish every young MC nothing but success, especially the ones from the New West.  BUT, I have a major problem with any mothaf**ka from ANY COAST dissing the Old West…especially me.  I’M SERVING YOU!”

As it relates to pointing out who his specific targets are in the West, the rapper allowed fans to know when to expect it.

“Now, I a lot of people want me to name names.  Buy the record.  In stores July 13th.”

Well, could there be a “No Vaseline Pt. 2” on the horizon?  Sure is shaping up to be that way.