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If a person can’t look to his/her family, who can he/she really trust when the chips are down?

With C-Murder trying to work on an appeal for his murder charge, he is becoming strongly convinced that his brother, Master P, is doing nothing but further hurting his chances of being released from prison.

After stating that he alerted Murder of the consequences that could come about from his particular moves in life, Master P added that his inability to surround himself with positive people landed his brother in such a situation.

“When my value system changed, I have to go out and live for my family and say ‘Man, look, if you hanging out there with these thugs, I’m out here with my kids.’  This is what I love because my kids are gonna be there for me in the end.”

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The saying goes to be mindful of the company that one keeps as friends aren’t always out for everyone’s best interests, which only hurts the team in the end.