Percy Miller

If a person can’t look to his/her family, who can he/she really trust when the chips are down? With C-Murder trying to work on an appeal for his murder charge, he is becoming strongly convinced that his brother, Master P, is doing nothing but further hurting his chances of being released from prison. After stating […]

Percy Miller, formerly known as the head of No Limit Records and New Orleans rapper Master P, is continuing to makes strides in his new role as an adamant philanthropist. As previously reported, Miller signed on to host a benefit concert to raise money for the embattled country of Haiti and helped to feed and […]

Romeo, the son of Hip-Hop mogul Percy “Master P” Miller and former USC basketball star, is doing his part to help children affected by the tragedy in Haiti. Romeo is following in his father’s footsteps and teaming up with to throw a benefit concert. He’ll be joined by his Hip-Hop group, The College Boys, […]

As the Hip-Hop community continues to help the people of Haiti, who better to lend a helping hand than entrepreneur and CEO of P. Miller Enterprises, Percy Miller. The former No Limit soldier is assisting Haiti by hosting a benefit concert aimed mainly at the youth of the country whose schools have been destroyed in […]

Percy Miller, formerly known as Master P, is seeing his son Romeo follow in his footsteps as he prepares to launch a new record label. Romeo is announcing the launch of his new record label Next Generation Records after being removed from his position as a guard on the University of Southern California’s basketball team […]

While Percy Miller continues to expand his philanthropic efforts and his son Romeo pursues a rap career, the youngest member of their family is stepping into the limelight. Master P’s daughter, 13-year-old Cymphonique Miller, is an actor/singer/dancer and has inked a substantial talent development deal with Nickelodeon to develop a  series for her. In addition […]

Corey Miller’s troubles with the law ultimately landed him a lifetime behind bars. As previously reported, C-Murder was convicted of second degree murder for the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy in 2002 and sentenced to life in prison. Now, as he continues to serve his time, C-Murder’s trying anxiously to appeal his conviction so […]

Once ‘No Limit’s’ top commander in chief, Percy Miller, formerly known as Master P, has been on a quest to change the lives of millions of people. He offered his hand in various charity events and as previously reported, is taking his philanthropy to new heights, helping to feed and clothe 1 million hungry people. […]