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Corey Miller’s troubles with the law ultimately landed him a lifetime behind bars.

As previously reported, C-Murder was convicted of second degree murder for the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy in 2002 and sentenced to life in prison. Now, as he continues to serve his time, C-Murder’s trying anxiously to appeal his conviction so he can see the light of day again.

Unfortunately for him, however, the cost of an appeal is more than he can afford. According to court documents, he’s seeking an appeal of his jail bid but can’t pay the $20,000 in legal fees for that to happen. To file a suit in appellate court, he would have to pay for the case record, trial transcripts and fees for all pretrial and trial hearings.

Desperate for a way out, his attorneys are asking the court for to declare him ‘indigent.’ Under an ‘indigent’ court declaration he would not have to pay the asked amount and could file his appeal free of charge.

Attorneys for C-Murder filed papers in a New Orleans courtroom asking for the declaration because he is currently incarcerated, does not own a car, does not own real estate and does not have income or savings. In other words, the man’s broke.

His two attorneys are not charging him for their representation.

A hearing is set for December 10.

Um doesn’t this man have a “wealthy” brother somewhere named Percy Miller?! I know he did wrong and all but you can’t help your brother out, P?