On Friday (Aug ), Master P took to Instagram to voice his frustrations after what he states was disrespect towards his family by C-Murder. According to the seven-minute video, Master P states that C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, is frustrated with his family for the lack of results of getting him released from prison while praising Kim Kardashian and long-time friend and ex Monica publicly.

On  Sunday (Aug 16), Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to announce the next case that she will be working on to exonerate the prisoner who due to corruption was unable to receive a fair trial, saying she's going to put her resources along with Master P, Monica, and others toward helping free C-Murder.

In Hip-Hop lore, the case of rapper C-Murder remains largely a mystery but a new wrinkle in the matter may change things dramatically for the younger brother of Master P. A key eyewitness who identified the rapper born Corey Miller as the shooter in a Lousiana nightclub in 2002 is walking back his testimony, saying […]

Money made from C-Murder‘s 2016 album could be seized by a judge.


Pretty much out of nowhere, incarcerated rapper C-Murder dropped a 2 Chainz diss. As for the Hair Weave Killer, he doesn’t plan on responding, but did announce that he will be going on tour. 

Suge Knight demonstrated that some people really are “about that life” when he caught brand new charges of murder and attempted murder after he ran over (and subsequently killed) a man with his car.

Families have issues, which is normal, but it appears that tension between C-Murder and Master P has bubbled over onto wax. The former, who’s currently serving a life sentence for second degree murder, spewed thoughts about his older brother on a new diss track titled “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier.”

There may be sufficient evidence that the good die young, but that doesn’t make any easier to digest. When it comes to being a young Hip-Hop artist, there’s usually a certainty of leaving behind a destiny unfulfilled.

Ever since she turned heads with her jaw dropping verse on “Nann,” Trina’s combination of sass and sexy looks have helped her maintain the self appointed title of “Da Baddest B-tch.” Rightfully so she has always been sought out by rappers, athletes and power players alike who want to claim her as their own.

A criminal past isn’t a necessary requirement to become a rapper, but if your image is one of tough talk and the like, it’s helpful when fans don’t doubt the sincerity. Since the beginning, there have been rappers from the hardest hoods to the plushest suburbs, but there are a few acts that appear to […]

  Percy “Master P” Miller had one of the most historic runs in Hip-Hop with his No Limit Records enterprise. Beginning in the early 1990s, the New Orleans native dominated the landscape for much of the decade with a staggering amount of product. Although many associate P with The Big Easy, he established the No […]

C-Murder’s appeal to potentially be released from prison has been rejected by the Supreme Court.  The New Orleans native is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder.