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“So as of today… POLO IS NOT DEAD! Out of respect for his family we are only passing on information as we get it from them…”

The band mates of Washington D.C.vocalist Polo are dispelling rumors that the DMV hit maker has died.

Polo, known for being the front man for go-go band TCB, reportedly collapsed Sunday after complaining of feeling ill.

Since then rumors swirled that he passed away late yesterday, complete with a #RIPPolo trending topic on Twitter.

TCB is doing rumor control however and reporting that as of this morning, the DMV rapper is still alive but in a coma.

Speaking from an official statement, TCB explained exactly what happened Sunday saying,

“In the early morning hours of April 11th during our show at The CFE our friend Reggie (Polo) complained about not feeling well and it was decided that he should go home. On his way home his condition didn’t improve so he was taken to Greater Southeast Hospital were he went into a coma.

He was then taken to Washington Hospitol Center where he has been since Sunday morning fighting for his life. So as of today… POLO IS NOT DEAD! Out of respect for his family we are only passing on information as we get it from them.“

They continued further saying that they gave a performance later that night out of respect for their friend and gave him props for “changing the game” and their lives as band mates.

“The situation is very serious and it’s been hard just even listening to our music. The band had a meeting Sunday night and everyone was briefed on Polo’s condition and they collectively decided to perform at the LePearl out of respect for Polo.

In reality he has suffered a serious trauma and best case scenario it’ll be a very long road to any recovery. We respect the families decisions whatever they may be and we always hope for the best.

So as of right now TCB will do what Polo has done all his life…HUSTLE and GRIND. He left us with his dream to watch over it for him. He made sure we all could eat. He changed the game up as with everything he’s done.

So to not continue to be TCB would be disrespecting the sacrifice and hustle Polo made to see TCB what it is now. We’re pulling for our friend. We don’t want to talk about what if’s, but for right now, Polo is still with us.”

The group asks that fans keep him in their prayers.

HipHopWired will continue to keep you updated on his status.