“So as of today… POLO IS NOT DEAD! Out of respect for his family we are only passing on information as we get it from them…” The band mates of Washington D.C.vocalist Polo are dispelling rumors that the DMV hit maker has died. Polo, known for being the front man for go-go band TCB, reportedly […]

Despite weak first week sales due to even weaker distribution, DC’s Hip-Hop hope is moving on. Wale, the resident uptown roamer, is set to deliver a performance of tracks from his Attention Deficit debut. His last mainstream appearance was at the 2009 MTV VMA’s when he brought along go-go band UCB to be the ‘house […]

Wale, the self proclaimed D.C. ambassador, is finally gearing up to release his debut album Attention Deficit. As previously reported the album was pushed back several times leading some to wonder if the project would ever hit store shelves. Originally scheduled for a September release the album was pushed back to October and then November […]