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A middle school student in Oklahoma is recovering after being poisoned by his classmates with Germ-X.

Sharlene Avery states that her son Austin Avery has been bullied for too long. Austin, who is mentally challenged, has been having problems that have been over looked by officials for “a while” according to his mother.

“I feel so bad, because it’s like I didn’t protect him. You know and I thought I was doing the right thing by sending him to school.”

The bullying finally got officials’ attention after Sharlene was called to the school after the nurse stated that her son was “hallucinating.”  After taking her son to the emergency room it was reveled that the teen was “way over” the legal limit for intoxication.

“We had a call from the school to come pick him up cause he was hallucinating.” Sharlene stated, “I just don’t understand why your child goes to school and comes home in a drunken stupor.”

It wasn’t until a witness came forward that it was discovered that Austin wasn’t drunk from alcohol consumption, but that someone had spiked his milk with Germ-X and had been doing so since January.

“One of the little kids had told us, Ma’am they have been poisoning him since January.’ And we were like, are you serious?” Avery continues, “All I can do is just ask why?”

After notifying the hospital about the revelation, the hospital then notified Dickson Police and Sharlene says she immediately tried to get something done at the school.

“What everybody doesn’t understand is it’s my child today, but it could be their child tomorrow. And if this stuff is not stopped, somebody’s going to die. Because my child almost died.”

SMH, we have to do something to teach the kids better. With all of the teen on teen violence, we need some real parenting out there.