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A  Philadelphia man is in police custody after they say he heckled an off-duty police officer and his children at a Phillies game before sticking his fingers down his throat and intentionally vomiting on them.

21-year-old Matthew Clemmens was arrested Wednesday when the Philadelphia Phillies took on the Washington Nationals.

Captain Michael Vangelo took his two daughters, age 11 and 15, to the game and says he was seated in front of Clemmens who was visibly drunk and rowdy with his friends.

The Captain reports that the man began throwing beer and cursing at him and his children before saying,

“I’m gonna be sick” and putting his fingers down his throat to make himself vomit.

Vangelo tells CBS 3,

“He vomited and lurched forward and it was hitting my daughter, she was crying and that’s difficult to see as a dad.”

The father and other spectators held down the man until police arrived.

When police got there he reportedly vomited again, this time on the arresting officers.

CBS 3 also reports that a fan gave the little girl a ball that they caught in the stands to make her feel better.

Based on his mug shot I take it the dad did more than just “hold him down” till police arrived.

Can’t say I blame him though…