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This Jay Z and Solange debacle is only getting weirder. Hova and his sister-in-law were spotted jewelry shopping yesterday, together and peacefully. Meanwhile, Beyoncé appears to be rolling with Team Solange.

Reports TMZ:

Our sources connected with the store say Jay and Solange were in Mr. Flawless, where they were looking for women’s jewelry for around 20 minutes.

We’re told the pair showed no signs of strife, and looked at gems with Mr. Flawless himself. They looked, but tried nothing on.  They left the store without buying anything.

Jay and Solange didn’t talk much inside the store … they pretty much just browsed quietly.  

If Jigga and Solange had any grudges since the latter tried to administer the fade in an elevator, they must have built a bridge and got over it. 

As for Beyoncé, she took to Instagram this morning and posted four photos of her and Solange. Only one pic has a caption (“Good morning.”).

What we know for certain is that only more conspiracy theories are sure to flourish. Check out all the photos in the following pages

Photo: Instagram

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