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The all new Godzilla movie is finally in theaters on May 16 and it is a thrill ride worth seeing. 

First of all, this is Godzilla we are talking about and the big guy known for representing the nuclear foolhardiness of man is actually playing hero this time out, and well. The film is a monster fight flick at heart, and the storyline involving a father and son, and the latter’s wife and son, isn’t new ground, but it manages to be a compelling, without getting in the way of the action.

Said action is plenty thanks to Godzilla himself,  a pair of monsters that are not Rodan or Mothra (unfortunately, but you’ll get over it) and the chaos that occurs when man thinks he can control nature.

That said, check out 10 reasons why you must see the new Godzilla movie in the following pages. We also threw in quotes from actors Ken Watanabe, Gareth Edwards, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson.

Minor spoilers ahead…

Photo: Warner Bros.

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