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Donald Sterling refuses to go away without a fight following his lifetime ban from the NBA imposed by the new commissioner. A lawyer whose gotten him out of big money trouble before is saying that not only will the outed racist not pay his $2.5 million fine, he doesn’t deserve to be punished at all.


Banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling won’t pay the $2.5 million fine levied by the NBA, Sterling’s attorney wrote in a letter to the NBA, a person with first-hand knowledge of the letter told USA TODAY Sports.

The person requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the letter, which was sent Thursday.

The attorney, Maxwell M. Blecher, also wrote that Sterling doesn’t warrant “any punishment at all” for his racist comments that were recorded in a conversation with a female friend and made public.

Blecher, a well-known antitrust attorney, also contends that the fine violates Sterling’s due process rights.

Sterling has already missed the deadline for paying fine, which earlier this week.

It is not a surprise Sterling’s attorney threatened a legal battle. Sterling is well-known for litigious tactics, and the league had been expecting Sterling to fight.

The good news for anti-Clippers is the litigation will likely stall but not prevent Sterling’s oust from the league. If three-fourths of the other NBA team owners align their vote with Commissioner Adam Silver’s, Mr. Sterling is as good as gone.

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