donald sterling

Donald Sterling’s $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA has been thrown out by a judge. Sterling sued the league for getting booted as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers after his ex-mistress leaked rant that was the final straw in a long history of racism.

Poor V. Stiviano, she took a major “L” in court yesterday. Nobody ever said the “sugar baby” life was easy. 

In WTF news today, West Coast rapper Kurupt weighs in on one of 2014’s greatest controversies involving outed racist and former L.A. Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling.

Russell Wilson’s initial entry into The Player’s Tribune was a shockingly honest look into the mind of a professional athlete without any sports journalist muddling it up with their two cents.

V. Stiviano must have checked her watch and saw she was on her 16th minute of fame because the controversial figure is back in the news with slanderous accusations at her alleged boyfriend, Donald Sterling.

The Los Angeles Clippers have made strides to shake the negative stigma that’s engulfed the team since the Donald Sterling controversy dominated headlines earlier this year. With seemingly all of the tools in place to win a NBA championship, the team heads into the 2014-2015 season completely anew with a new owner.

Los Angeles Clippers team captain and NBA Players Association President Chris Paul is following his coach Doc Rivers in a potential boycott if Donald Sterling remains as owner by the start of the 2014-2015 NBA season.

Donald Sterling has repeatedly let it be known that he refuses to go away without bloodshed from a Los Angeles Clippers organization that doesn’t want him there.

V. Stiviano, the Donald Sterling whistleblower and frontrunner for Queen Thot 2K14, is still relishing in her 15 minutes of fame. So much in fact, she’s allowing her delusion of grandeur cloud her ability to be able to differentiate a diss between a dap.

Donald Sterling has been vowing to change his ways following the recorded phone conversation heard around the word. But sometimes, words speak even louder than actions and his disparaging comments towards his wife during a recent court appearance reveal that his heart remains unmoved.

Donald Sterling’s love for the swirl can not and will not be denied.

The Donald Sterling publicity stunt show has officially hit the pulpit.